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finance, and conflicts of interest within the government. If we can fix those problems, everything else will fall in place.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why isn't Lloyd Blankfein in jail?

Is the Sec Covering up Wall Street Crimes This is a great article by Matt Taibbi.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How similar Muammar Gaddafi and Ghengis Khan?

Gaddafi - "We will come zenga, zenga. House by house, room by room." ... "It's over. The issue has been decided," Gaddafi said, offering pardon to those who lay down their arms. "We are coming tonight...We will have no mercy and no pity with them."

Khan - “It is not sufficient that I suceed - all others must fail.”

Khan - “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”

Khan - “The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

This guy is real scum...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jamie Dimon is a Liar

When the Dodd-Frank bill was being discussed, Jamie Dimon was reported saying that any increase in costs that the bank would be forced to take would end up being passed to the customers so we might as well not force him to incur any additional costs. He meant it to.

So, starting February 5, 2011, here are the banks new fees for their once free business checking accounts.

* Maintain an average daily balance of $7,500 or more during the month
* Keep a minimum daily balance of $5,000 during the month
* Pay $50 or more in checking account fees (not including service fees)
* $1,000 in purchases linked credit card during the month
* Maintain a link Chase premier account
Click here to view JP Morgan's mailer to all it's business clients
Click here to view their other updated ADDITIONAL checking account fees

Or you pay monthly fees on their once free checking accounts. So, Jamie Dimon, is making good on his promise to pass on additional charges to customers, specifically in this case, its clients that are most susceptible to the market. These are the clients that I think about when people say "small business."

When this information was provided to Progressive Politics, we did a little digging and let's see the most recent Chase Income Statement.

What do you know, they made billions of dollars in profit. Though their showing an operating loss for the end of the 3rd quarter last year, that is deceiving. It all comes back to their stock price, here is why the stock market can never go down, like all prices it seems.

So, in 2009, they made a lot of money but since the Dodd-Frank bill cut a little into their bottom line, they have to pass along the costs to the taxpayers who bailed them out.

Wall Street Pay Is Breaking Records the Wall Street Journal Reports

Chase is paying their bankers in the Investment Bank Dividion $10 Billion Dollars!!!, average pay per person is $369,000

Jamie Dimon made almost $18 million in 2009

Bloomberg reports that JP Morgan is cutting pay for the investment bankers to $369,000

JP Morgan and Barclays bank says that if you regulate us, we'll just move, public policy shouldn't be on banks, but on spending cuts.

Paul Krugman points out how ludicrous the above statement is, the problem wasn't spending, but banks out of control.

It's disgusting.

Sign the petition to break up the big banks

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rumors of Congressional Bribery and Ethics Violations Surface Concerning Representative Howard McKeon

Breaking Story

In light of Secretary Gates' decision to stop working on the $14.4 billion dollar Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, among other cuts, the Armed Services Committee Chairman, Howard P. McKeon (R - CA), has come out vehemently against any and all cuts and actual advocates for increased military spending, regardless of our extreme fiscal problems.

After investigation instigated by the fact that Mr. McKeon is representing a district that is home to major defense contractors, there have been rumors of bribery charges and other ethics violations brought about by this conflict of interest. This is a breaking story.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wherever we can honestly afford to do without..

Barack Obama stated in his 2011 State of the Union that he would cut the military "where we can honestly afford to do without." I found that particularly interesting in light of the recent proposal to cut $78B off of our $1 trillion dollar military expenditures. Someone might dispute that figure of $1 trillion, but the $712 billion doesn't even take into account the Department of Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Nuclear Weapons Management, AND intelligence.

We spend over $1 trillion a year on the military and we're going to cut $78 billion?!?!?!

We have bases in Germany protecting against Communist invasion. We have almost 2000 bases worldwide in countless countries; Japan, Korea, and many more. We only can cut $78 Billion from the budget? Why don't we close all of our bases in Germany, Japan, and almost everywhere else.

We're building over 2400 F-35 Jet's costing almost $500,000,000,000. We have thousands and thousands of jets, we don't need to spend $500,000,000,000 on more, at least not right now.

We're building 15 new C-17 Jet's for $4,000,000,000. These jets will be used next time we need to invade Normandy.

Obama has stated he'll cut where we can honestly afford to do without. I'd say we have a lot more than $78B in cuts that can be done.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Great Matt Taibbi Comment On Why The Commodities Market Was Opened Up For Pensions and Trusts

I feel like a Matt Taibbi book salesman and I had to share this great comment from his book,
Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America.

"Well," I said, "given that they are volatile (commodities futures), what would be an example of a situation in which it would be prudent for a trust” - something again, that is supposed to be super safe – “to invest in oil futures?”

"Well, um...," he began. "Say... Well, let's say the trust portfolio owns real estate that contains oil, real estate whose value fluctuates with oil prices. Then you might want to buy oil futures as a hedge."

Sounds like the kind of extremely common eventuality that is worth completely revamping the regulatory environment for.

That's classic and so true.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Rupert Murdoch the Dark Lord of the Sith? Julian Assange a Jedi?

I was inspired when I saw this photo and the Huffington Post's page outlining Wikileaks dirt on Rupert Murdoch. Here is the image:

Doesn't it almost look like Luke Skywalker and the Emperor?

I think so!!!!

I think this is serious. The Dark Lord is subverting the world. :(

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