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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Rupert Murdoch the Dark Lord of the Sith? Julian Assange a Jedi?

I was inspired when I saw this photo and the Huffington Post's page outlining Wikileaks dirt on Rupert Murdoch. Here is the image:

Doesn't it almost look like Luke Skywalker and the Emperor?

I think so!!!!

I think this is serious. The Dark Lord is subverting the world. :(

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  2. While I think this is funny, I don't think Murdoch is 'Sith' or Assange a Jedi.

    It's more like ... Murdoch is a bad dude who thinks he's doing good for people while profitting immensely. The Bush family has the same philosophy.

    Julian Assange is so interesting -- he actually got death threats from US politicians for doing the 'freedom of the press' which the USA has guaranteed in the Constitution, & desperately needs, & has lost b/c of corporate acquisition & dismantling/mainstreaming of media outlets.

    There is NO RIGHT to secrecy for the US Govt, not in Constitution nor Declaration of Independence. There IS a right to Freedom of Speech AND Freedom of Press.
    And while many may argue that secrecy is required for a government to operate, I say that it's not required for a democracy to operate with freedom, liberty, and justice preserved. And these are requirements.

    I am a left wing radical non-violent artist. The criminalization of radicals is a sad state of affairs for a country founded by a radical revolution demanding an end to rule by corrupt royal dictatorship and freedom to pursue our own lives. And now we have an opportunity for a peaceful *evolution to end the rule by corrupt wealthy families who use corporations as shields to obscure their greedy masses of private wealth.